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Looking For An Idea? We’ve Got You Covered.

Often creativity can get the best of us.  We know what we want.  We can see it in our minds.  But for whatever reason we can’t verbalize it or even get it on paper to share with others.  The team at Kusel has run across this often.  We talk with customers all the time that are trying to paint a picture of a product that they “need” and after going back and forth we might get lucky and land on a solution.

After having these conversations and seeing that more and more customers were looking for inspiration the team at Kusel thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have a place where customers could go to get some help pulling their ideas unto reality?”  And that’s where the concept of the “Custom Solutions” for Kusel’s website was born

What can the Custom Solutions do you for you? This web page gives anyone the chance to browse through a variety of products that we have built to help get your idea out of your head and on to paper (or at the very least you can grab a screen shot and tell us “that’s what I want!”).

We have products displayed for both our drain and cheese making lines. It’s a mix of general products as well as custom solutions to help narrow down what specifically you might need for your application.

Engineers love the page because they can see exactly how that product would be manufactured and what additions or subtractions might be needed for their specific application. Contractors and Plant Managers love the page because they can get a sense of what the product is that they are going to be receiving and how they are going to deal with the installation and its overall application. Wholesalers and Reps love the page because they can review a wide array of products and when they meet with customers, they can show and discuss actual manufactured products that can be used for their projects.

The team at Kusel updates the Custom Solutions page on a regular basis.  Newly manufactured products are being added all the time. Come back often and see “what’s new” at Kusel and the products and solutions that we are working.  But most importantly, use the Custom Solutions to help get that idea from your head on to paper!

Trusted Solutions.