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Drainage Questions & Answers

Where can I find the load classifications for drainage products?

Many of Kusel products are certified through NSF, with load ratings per the ASME standard. Load ratings vary per product, view NSF certifications.

How do I find out the lead times for drainage products?

Many standard items are in stock. When quoting, lead times will be listed with each line item.

When does lead time start on drain product orders?

Depending on product and project size, the lead time on custom items starts when signed approval drawings are returned to Kusel. If a project requires a down payment, the lead time begins when the down payment is received.

How do I get a quote for drain products?

Kusel sells through the rep/wholesale channel. Pricing is routed through the appropriate rep that covers the city/state where the customer is located. If the customer is in an area that does not have rep coverage, pricing will be sent through the wholesaler of the customers’ choice.

How can I find out who the Kusel rep for drain products is in my area?

How do I place an order for drain products?

Orders must be placed through the rep or whoever sent you your quote.

What does Kusel mean when a drain product is referred to as “classic”?

This means that these items have drawings available for them (and are not considered custom). They have a shorter lead time than custom products because the drawings are already available to be approved by the customer. 

Does Kusel offer freight allowance/is there a dollar value that gets freight allowance on drain product orders?

Freight is typically prepaid and added to the invoice, or you can have it shipped on your preferred carrier account number (collect or third-party bill). Kusel does not offer freight allowances. Kusel will not do freight allowed.

What material types are used when making Kusel’s drain products?

All items are made from either 304 or 316L stainless steel. If custom material is required for products, having a conversation with Kusel is a must. Any custom material pricing would be quantity sensitive and would need to be evaluated by Kusel to determine if custom materials would be available based on the customer’s request.

Are there quantity discounts available on Kusel drain products?

Yes. Kusel’s pricing is quantity sensitive. Having a total count by product at the time of the quote will ensure the customer is receiving the best pricing possible.

What types of outlets are available on Kusel drain products?

There are various outlet types available. Common outlets are sch 40 or sch 10 pipe outlets. Additionally, Kusel can thread outlets (internal or external). If you have a custom outlet requirement, let Kusel know, and we will work to accommodate your needs.

Does Kusel make trench drains?

Yes. Kusel has a “classic” line of trench drain that comes in 4’ increments up to 24’. Outlet size and locations can be chosen as end, bottom, or center, and the customer has their choice of solid-style grating or bar grate. If Kusel’s classic options don’t work for the project, we can custom make a trench drain to meet the customers’ specific requirements. See Trench Drains.

Can KE Drain bodies be modified?

Yes. Kusel has many different KE Drain body styles to fit the customers’ application: Standard, Low Profile, Deep Body, Cone Body, Side Outlet, Square Top Plate, Round Top Plate, just to name a few. Kusel can also add various options to the drain to meet the customers’ specific requirements. (Primer fittings, clamping rings, security hold down) Custom modifications can be made based on specific needs. See KE Drains

How do I get a quote for drain products?

Your sales representative would be happy to provide you with a quote. Find a salesperson.

Cheese Making Questions & Answers

What is the difference/benefits between steam and hot water heating on the vats?

Steam provides a quicker heating to cook temperatures and is well suited for hardstyle and Italian style cheeses that require a higher cook temperature. Hot water heat is more suited for soft style cheeses that require a gentler cooking process.

What are the major differences between Square and Round End Vats?

Square End Vats have a large capacity and are generally more economical to purchase. Round End Vats allow for the use of Power Curd knives, saving labor, and are more easily cleaned.

What are the sizes of Kusel Vats available?

Up to 30’ in length, 66” wide, and 34” deep for a volume of 3,400 gallons or 29,500 lbs. of milk.

What are the major advantages of Kusel’s SR Agitator?

Dual wash down duty gear motors, state-of-the-art electronics, dual VFD’s and HMI’s for individual stir, and traverse speed controls. It is also an all-stainless-steel chain drive for agitator traverse for years of durability.

What are the advantages of a Kusel Cottage Cheese Vat?

The strong, simple, and dependable frame construction stands up to years of use. The traditional square end vat maximizes capacity while its elliptical agitation offers a gentler lifting action and better curd definition. It features stirring paddles with easy pin locks, two heating options, and a heat exchanger to circulate heated whey or culinary steam infusers.

What are the advantages of a Kusel DWC (Drainer-Washer-Cooler)?

The Kusel DWC recovers whey from each Vat of cheese, which means less whey per discharge into the drainage system. The DWC washes and cools cottage cheese curd from 130 to 44 degrees with sterilized water while washing and removing the whey. It also offers continuous curd washing, while recovering over 94% of the original whey and improving cheese uniformity. It also requires less labor.

What are the advantages of a Kusel Curd Elevator?

It is custom made to fit the outside width of the customer’s finishing table. It is very safe, as its proximity switches sense when the elevator is properly in place before it can be operated. Its two-motor design has one for the horizontal auger and one for the incline auger. The horizontal auger is constructed of stainless-steel round stock, as opposed to a ribbon design, for easier cleaning.