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Products For Research & Development

For Quality Cheese-Making Products, Turn To Kusel.

Whether you’re a legacy cheese-making facility or lab testing new and innovative ways to produce cheese, Kusel offers equipment for you. Research & Development is more critical than ever in the competitive cheese market, so when testing and learning about safety, flavoring, or processes, turn to Kusel for the products, advice and accessories to move your operations forward. Investing in this business aspect is not only smart; it’s critical to push “what’s next” for cheesemakers all over the world.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless Means Sanitary

When sanitation is priority one, stainless-steel is your only choice. Stainless has been proven effective time and again to keep bacteria at bay. 

Why Kusel?

Built to Perform

Creating Industry-leading cheese-making products for 170 years. Meeting the exacting standards and sanitation needs of the cheese industry, from artisan cheesemakers to large-volume plants.

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Accessories For Your Needs

In need of product accessories? Simply contact us and a member of our expert staff will provide guidance and information to ensure we find the part that fits your exact needs.

Exacting Standards. Reliable Sanitation.

Products For Cheese Plant Operators

Built to perform and last in the real world.

Curd Mill

Curd Mill

Kusel offers the “E-Z CUT CURD MILL,” which is tailored specifically to the exacting needs of the cheese industry. The mill’s custom design and rugged stainless-steel construction make it the most-efficient and easiest-to-clean machine available while providing superior milling of the cheese curd in a square-curd shape. Feeding is available from either the left or right side.

TH Vats

TH Vats

Known for its ability to produce softer type cheeses like Munster and Mozzarella, the TH Vat provides cheese makers with the ability to heat the curd throughout all areas of the inner pan. These vats were once exclusively used for the production of Cottage Cheese and Farmers Cheese before Kusel’s development the LI Vat.

Drainer/Creamer Drainer/Creamer


Kusel’s Drainer/Creamer is an all-stainless-steel, totally enclosed, space-saving, dual-purpose unit that drains liquid and creams cottage cheese while storing creamed cottage cheese before and during filling.

SR agitator SR Agitator

SR Agitator

The newest addition to our cheese-making product line, the Kusel SR Agitator is designed specifically for stirring, cutting, and forking in an open cheese vat, while maintaining the optimal sanitation you’ve come to expect from us. Balancing power and muted mechanical noise, the SR Agitator features independent traversing and stir speeds for desired process flexibility.

Why Kusel?

Welding Makes The Difference.

Our manufacturing process includes welders that have an average of 20 years of experience, not only welding but working within both of our product lines.

Stainless Steel Is All We Do.

Stainless steel is our material of choice. Whether its 304 or 316L, stainless has been proven time and time again to be the best performing material to use in the cheese-making process or when sanitation is priority one.

Delivery When You Need It.

We have some of the best lead times in the industry, and you can rest assured your order will be on site at the time we’ve committed to.