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Industrial Drainage Solutions

Built to perform and last in the real world.

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When your business is beverages, you need a sanitary drainage system that’s up to the task.

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Food Processing Facilities

A sanitary environment is essential for your food-processing facility.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Kusel stainless-steel drain products are ideal for the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Wineries & Distilleries

Turn to stainless-steel to keep your spirits free of impurities.

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Pet Food Manufacturers

First-rate sanitation is critical when keeping our furry friends’ food safe.

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Commercial Kitchens

Kusel’s stainless-steel drainage solutions stand up to the heat and perform.

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Bottling Plants

When bottling is your business, you need a drainage system that’s up to the task.

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When baking is your bread and butter, turn to stainless-steel for the performance and sanitation your operation needs.

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When designing sanitary drain systems, stainless steel is the number one choice.

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Architects & Building Designers

Stainless steel offers unrivaled strength and style to any project.

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General Contractors

Performance. Durability. Kusel.

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Mechanical & Plumbing Contractors

When products need to perform and be built to last; plumbers know they can count on Kusel stainless steel.