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A Foundation of Quality Manufacturing

171 years ago, Kusel Equipment Co. started on the basis that customers deserved quality craftsmanship, a superior product, and engagement in our customer’s operation to build a partnership that is invested in success.

Today, those tenets continue to drive Kusel.  We are proud to continue our support of many vital industries across North America.  But our foundation has always been in the continued support of cheesemakers. 

Every one of Kusel’s cheese making equipment products is a “custom” project that starts with our customers confidence that their product will be built to the exacting specifications they have laid out. Each piece of manufactured stainless-steel equipment exceeds our customer’s expectations with quality, performance, and craftmanship that is second to none. From start to finish, attention to detail is maintained.

Our collaborative process from concept to delivery provides Kusel, as well as our customers, the opportunity to work together to upgrade and innovate equipment for their unique applications. In the end, Kusel Equipment’s cheese making product designs stand the test of time and deliver generations of worry-free performance.

Whether it’s cheese vats, finishing tables, curd elevators, presses and moulds, or complete cottage cheese systems, Kusel remains committed to producing the finest cheese making equipment in the dairy industry and our cheese making equipment continues to be an integral part of our business.

Kusel Equipment Co. has a deep and distinguished history that has only continued to grow since its inception in 1849. With humble beginnings as a tinsmith, growing into a leading cheese equipment maker in North America. Today, we are proud to continue our rich heritage of designing and manufacturing all of our products where the company was founded, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Throughout our history customers have come to know Kusel quality and experience across all our products. Whether it’s a replacement part or a complete cottage cheese making system history shows that we continue to manufacture to exacting specifications coupled with goals of our customer.  Let us show you why we continually deliver “Trusted Solutions”.