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The Next Generation Agitator

Kusel’s design team took on a challenge from leadership.  Develop a vat agitator that would optimize sanitary design while providing ease of cleaning with simple and versatile operation. The team went to work to develop a solution that would meet the specifications they were tasked with while continuing the long and distinguished history of quality cheese manufacturing equipment produced at Kusel Equipment Co for the last 171 years.

What the team developed is a next generation agitator for open cheese make vats, designed for stirring, cutting and forking while maintaining optimal sanitary design.  Introducing Kusel’s newest innovation in vat agitators, the SR.

Constructed with simple and versatile operations at its heart, the SR Vat Agitator has a two-motor design.  One for stirring and one for traversing, using a PLC with touch screen controlled VFD’s to allow for a variety of different makes based on customer preferences.

Manufactured according to 3-A standards, the SR Agitator features stainless chain drive operation that delivers the perfect combination of strength and quiet. Its controls are conveniently located on the end of the track with an additional stop lever and directional lever located on the carriage.

The SR was created to optimize sanitary features. Easy cleaning, simple operation and maintenance with ultimate versatility in operation are its design cornerstones. 

The construction of the SR Agitator is 10-gauge unibody agitator track with stainless-steel chain drive. An all stainless-steel heavy-duty carriage with plastic running and guide wheels for easy traversing make the SR agitator an easy choice.  The SR agitator mounted on either a Kusel CK (steam heat) or Kusel TH (hot water heat) open cheese make vat creates a perfect system. Or if you just need to upgrade the agitator on your existing vat.

Built to perform, the SR Vat Agitator continues Kusel’s history of reliability and high-quality solutions for the cheese making industry.

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