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CK Vats

Typically used in the manufacturing of hard cheeses such as Cheddar or Brick, the Kusel “CK” Series of cheese vats eliminates hot spots and uncooked curd.

Vat Functionality

Our CK vats have a full-length steam jacket, which carries steam up both sides and ends to ensure equal distribution over the entire surface of the inner liner. These vats are heated via live steam, which is dispersed equally through holes drilled in a steam pipe that runs the entire length of the vat under the pan. The steam is equally distributed up both sides and ends, heating the pan uniformly. The condensate created then drips out onto the floor.

The thick fiberglass insulation guards against heat loss, and helps maintain proper cooking temperatures at all times. The CK vats contain no sharp corners, its sides are straight for optimal curd knife action, and the bottom is pitched correctly toward the outlet for perfect draining.


  • Built according to 3-A standards for superior sanitation
  • Continuous, stainless-steel inner liner is easy to work with and easy to clean
  • Especially adapted to making the finest cheeses
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Kusel SR Agitator


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