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Products On Site When You Need Them

The joke in the stainless drains industry is “the reminder for the contractor to order drains is the sound of the concrete truck backing up”.  I’m certain that this isn’t far off since drains are among the first items to be installed on a jobsite as the floors are being poured.  The scariest thing for a contractor is forgetting to order drains and the realization that there is customization requirements with extensive lead times.   What make Kusel different from other stainless drain manufacturers to alleviate these potential pitfalls?

Kusel was established in 1849 and since the early days, we have focused solely on stainless steel products, which puts us ahead of the competition by concentration alone.  We specialize in stainless steel products and our resources are geared toward a single material approach.  One of the best qualities that I harp on when marketing our products is our ability to provide custom solutions to fit the needs of the end user.  However, I am fully aware that if we cannot provide our products in a timely manner, it is irrelevant if it is the “right product”.  Time is money and construction does not slow down for anything. 

One thing I hate more than anything is losing an order due to lead times.  How does Kusel work to avoid that?  Here are the four things that we live by to ensure we do not drop the ball for our customers. 

Transparency:  We state lead times with every job quote, so no one can ever say they didn’t know how long it would take to get product to the jobsite.   Isn’t it nice to know lead-times when you bid the job so you can plan accordingly?  

Inventory:  We have a huge stock of “classic items” that are inventoried to various levels, which allows for short lead times and quick deliveries on the 80/20 items.  Quick ships for classic items is what Kusel has built our name on.     

Build to suit items:  We have several products that are “semi-complete” on the shelf and can quickly be adapted with accessories/finishing items to completion quickly.  This may only add a day or two to a “stock” item for a customized product.  It’s no sweat in certain cases to get orders with 50+ customized KE drains out the door in 2-3 days.    

Expedite options:  We always have the ability to expedite orders for a premium to get them shipped sooner in extreme situations.  We can also split orders, to get certain, specific items shipping early when necessary.    

I love to be able to state confidently that Kusel lives by the mantra, “under promise and over deliver”.  We will not promise a lead-time that we cannot meet.  I have been with the company for three years and it has never happened.  I have never worked for a company that can make that claim and it is extremely refreshing.  It also instills confidence in with all of our customers who can count on Kusel to get them what they need, when they need it.    

Kusel.  Trusted Solutions.