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A Combination that Provides Consistency

If your dairy operation involves making cottage cheese, you know that producing the most consistent product possible is critical. That’s why Kusel Equipment Co. developed a vat and agitator combo specifically designed to produce fewer broken curds, fewer fines, and reduces or even eliminates burn-on.

Starting from the ground up, Kusel’s LI Cottage Cheese Vat is durable, simple, and dependable.  It’s the ideal vessel to develop your cottage cheese product in. The LI Vat is designed to be the strongest in the industry featuring heavy internal construction that assures the side rails will remain “true”. Manufactured with straight sides and square ends, the LI Vat results in increased capacity and better curd cut over other vats.

Providing three heating options, Kusel’s LI Vat gives you the flexibility to choose which option best suits your process.  Whether its Hot/Cold Water Jacket Heat, Shell-in-Tube for whey heating and recirculation, or Culinary Steam Infuser, the LI Vat can work effortlessly with your process.

The most important feature of Kusel’s LI Vat is its ability to seamlessly integrate with our Elips-E-Stir Agitator. When paired together, both products offer superior design in terms of gentle agitation, sanitation, and easy maintenance.

Kusel’s Elips-E-Stir Agitator features a rugged, simple carriage designed for long-life. Its track is all stainless-steel and the upper section features a one-piece channel shape that allows for full wash out. It has no sliding joints or sleeves that would collect dirt or debris.

Designed with separate VFD’s for both stir and traverse speed control, the Elips-E-Stir’s use of elliptical agitation for a gentler lifting action and better curd definition.  The elliptical motion keeps the curd in suspension longer, which significantly reduces or even eliminates burn-on.

The Elips-E-Stir’s stirring paddles are a one-piece construction with easy pin locks. This design eliminates loose parts that require additional time for assembly.

If it’s an entire cottage cheese system you are looking for, make sure to inquire about adding a DCR (Drainer/Creamer) and a DWC (Drainer Washer Cooler) to the LI Vat and Elips-E-Stir Agitator. The entire Kusel Cottage Cheese System will allow you to produce most consistent cottage cheese product each and every time!

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