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Continuing To Deliver Consistency

Kusel Equipment has a long history of providing solutions for cheese makers to maximize yields, increase productivity, and consistently deliver high quality cheese products time and time again. Two cornerstones of that history are Kusel’s Drainer Washer Cooler (DWC) and the Drainer/Creamer (DCR) that make up half of our cottage cheese system.

The DWC continuously washes and cools the curd from cooking temperature to pre-creaming temperature using sterilized water while washing and removing the whey. It’s patented design is capable of receiving 100 gallons of hot curd and whey per minute while recovering 94%+ of the original whey which means less discharge into the drain.

Eliminating the wait for cheese between first sets and resets, the DWC and allows better control of the filling operation. As the curd moves through the DWC, the whey is washed out and the curd is tempered and cooled to the desired creaming temperature and is ready to head to the DCR.

Kusel’s DCR is an all stainless-steel, totally enclosed, space saving, dual purpose unit that is designed to drain liquid and cream cottage cheese. The washed and cooled curd is deposited into the vessel.  Load cells assure accuracy and consistency of the cream added to the curd while unique agitator assemblies are designed to blend the cream dressing gently and uniformly with the cottage cheese curd.

Following the addition and blending of the cream with the curd, the finished product may be transferred to the cup filler or stored within the DCR as the production schedule permits.

These two pieces of equipment are only half of Kusel’s cottage cheese system. Make sure you inquire about adding Kusel’s LI Vat and Elips-E-Stir Agitator to create an entire system that will save energy, water, labor, and floor space while delivering the most consistent cottage cheese product each and every time!

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