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Solutions For Multiple Industries

Like most businesses are doing right now, the Kusel team is decluttering and making sure we’re keeping things as clean as possible in our offices.  During our efforts we were fortunate enough to find a reproduction of the D&F Kusel Company’s Catalog No. 31 (one of the earliest pieces of “marketing” in our company’s history).

For a company that celebrated its 171st year in business in 2020, the catalog shows how important it was for our founders to provide 56 pages of equipment and supplies to solely support one of Wisconsin’s most important industries, dairy.

While Kusel’s roots are deep within the dairy industry, it’s not the only industry that’s important to our product lines.  Almost 40 years ago Kusel developed its stainless-steel drainage line.  At that point it was a natural extension to servicing the dairy industry who needed sanitary drainage solutions in their production facilities where many of our cheese making products were being used.  But the dairy industry wasn’t the only one that needed a sanitary drain solution…

As Kusel developed our drain product, other industries had the need to keep their product floors as bacteria free as possible. Sanitary drains fit well into the requirements for the food processing industry. Whether it was a meat facility, frozen foods, or even salad dressing, these facilities saw the need for a stainless-steel drain solution to minimize their exposure to bacteria.

The pharmaceutical industry also saw the need for stainless-steel drains. When developing their products, this industry needs to ensure that their production floors are as sanitary as they can be.  Drain products from Kusel fit the bill for these applications. They hold up to the thorough cleanings that these facilities perform and stainless-steel drains are the pharmaceutical industry’s best material for a sanitary drain.       

Breweries, distilleries, wineries, and bottling plants all need a sanitary drain solution. Bakeries, commercial and industrial kitchens, as well as pet food manufacturers all need to keep their production floors safe and bacteria free. 

Kusel Equipment Co. has a deep and distinguished history that has only continued to grow since its inception in 1849. With humble beginnings as a tinsmith, growing into the leading cheese equipment maker in North America, to starting the stainless-steel drain industry in the United States; Kusel Equipment Co. continues to deliver on its promise of quality products coupled with superior customer service. Today, we are proud to continue our rich heritage of designing and manufacturing all of our products where the company was founded; Watertown, Wisconsin.

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