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The Kusel A-Frame Press, sometimes referred to as the “V” or “Tee-Pee” Press, is a simple design for most popular-sized cheese hoops. Typically used with 40 and 20lb. “Wilson” Hoops, it can be modified for virtually any type of cheese mould, providing a practical way to accomplish your pressing requirements.


Each A-Frame Press' vertical row of moulds will be pressed by an air cylinder, providing consistent pressure to each row or stack of cheese moulds. The rows or stacks will “slant in” to provide optimal drainage and security for each mould. A bottom collection pan accumulates the whey and allows it to drain to one end. The “A-Frame Cheese Press” is provided with large, sturdy casters to permit easy movement, as required within your production area.


  • Available in standard 2-row through 10-row presses, with single-row lab sizes and other custom options available
  • For 40-pound blocks with 7 per row, with availability for different types of moulds on a custom basis
  • Standard press size is 42” wide, with a maximum height of 96”
  • Length varies based on the number of rows
  • Dimensions can be customized based on customer need

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    Service & Delivery When You Need It

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