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With Millions Of Products, “Yeah, We Can Get You That”

One question that seems consistent is “Do you have a drain product that …” It’s always the after the “that” where an engineer, wholesaler, contractor, or end user questions our drain sales team with their specific need for a sanitary drain solution. What we think is most surprising is their response when we confidently say “Yeah, we can do that!”.

Like most businesses, 2020 has brought Kusel the time to tackle those projects that have been sitting on a whiteboard in a conference room for a longer period of time than anyone would care to admit.  Nevertheless, the rewarding part is when you actually roll up your sleeves, get the project completed, and realize that you uncovered something that possibly you knew was there, but now you have the data.

That was the case when we looked at the number of SKUs that we’ve created over the nearly 40 years that Kusel has been building sanitary stainless-steel drains. We had always assumed that our number of product variations exceeded 1 million.  But what we learned was the numbers looked much different than we had even expected.

For years the team at Kusel has known that we have had a plethora of variations of our popular KE stainless-steel floor drain.  We’d share that we have over “750,000 SKUs for the KE”. Customers would be amazed that the KE Floor drain could come in so many variations.  But as we started to peel back the “onion” we realized we left 750,000 in the rear view mirror a long time ago.  As of today, we have the ability to produce over 2,000,000 variations of the KE Floor Drain.  Surprised?

But that’s not all, each and every Kusel product can be manufactured to your exacting standards to ensure that your sanitary stainless-steel drainage needs are met.  Need a 12-foot trench drain with a 3-inch outlet in a specific location?  We can do that.   Need a floor sink that’s 28-inches deep with a 6” outlet and strainer?  We have you covered.  What about a totally customized drainage solution for a 100,000 square foot food processing facility and you have no idea where to start?  Our team of drain experts can help you create whatever you need to accomplish with your project exactly the way it needs to it to “flow”.

The bottom line is simple; Kusel has millions and millions of SKUs that we can draw from to meet the needs of your project.  And if you come up with something that we haven’t built before, we’ll manufacture it on time, get it on site, and it will be to the specifications that you have requested without a doubt.

Let us give you our experience, know-how, and quality product treatment the next time you need a stainless-steel drain product.

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