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2M4-17N Agitator

Built for the demanding applications in today’s cheese plants, Kusel’s 2M4-17N Agitator is designed and constructed according to 3-A standards.  

Providing a standard horizontal travel with a stainless-steel chain drive, the 2M4-17N Agitator’s simple, open design allows for easy maintenance. Its all stainless-steel box tube frame with 14-gauge stainless-steel shroud offers long-lasting durability in cheese manufacturing facilities.

2M4-17N Agitator DETAILS

  • 3-HP traverse motor
  • 4-HP stirring motor 
  • Both mounted in a carriage which traverses the length of the table through a stainless-steel chain drive
  • Operator Control Stations designed with a wobble stick for easy reversing and E-Stop for easy accessibility and safety

The 2M4-17N Agitator’s track, yokes, carriage, and switch box all made of stainless-steel.


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