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More Than Traditional Customer Service

For years customers of Kusel Equipment have known that any time they needed anything, we were just a phone call or email away.  From a question about delivery to asking about using a specific drain, just reach out and we’re here to help. But to be honest, our team is more than just simple customer service.  We’re here to assist at every level of a project from planning to job site delivery.

Sure, if you’re looking for general product information, we’ve got you covered.  Need a lead time on a specific product or need it expedited? We can help.  Need approval drawings for your project? Of course, we can get that to you. Above all you need a price? We’re here to help.

We’ve even taken our customer service a step further.  We track our requests and when we see something that comes up multiple times, we work to address it.  Did you know that invoices now include tracking numbers for shipments? Gone are the days of having to reach out to Kusel to track down what gate a shipment was delivered to. As soon as the invoice is sent, being able to track the delivery is available.

Here’s something you might not have known; we LOVE being involved in the planning of a project.  As plans are coming together, get us involved.  We’d love to share our experience and know-how with you to help you design the most efficient layout for your project.  And if its budgeting help, you’re looking for, we can help you get an idea of costs at any of the planning steps in your process.  Between our team in Watertown, Wisconsin and our manufacturers reps across North America, we can work to keep you efficient and on time throughout the entire process.

At Kusel we take pride in being more than just your customer service contact. We’re your partner in your projects and we can help in a variety of ways.  All it takes is for you to ask. So, reach out and we’re happy to add our knowledge in any way we can.

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