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Dave Smith

Kusel Equipment Co. Celebrates 175th Anniversary

This June, Kusel Equipment Co., makers of stainless-steel drainage products and cheese-making equipment, will celebrate 175 years in business. Kusel is one of Wisconsin’s oldest-running companies, with a deep and distinguished history that continues to grow nearly two centuries after its founding. The company has remained committed to producing quality products, exceptional customer service, and superior expertise.

The company’s origin dates back to 1849, when Daniel Kusel Sr. immigrated to the United States from Grabow, Germany. He settled in  Watertown, Wisconsin, where he established a tinware business, which his sons, Frederick and Daniel Jr., later expanded into manufacturing and hardware sales. The company was renamed D. & F. Kusel. By 1938, the company separated into two businesses, Kusel Hardware, and Kusel Dairy Equipment, to better focus on their respective areas of specialization. In 1985, Kusel Hardware closed its doors after 136 years in operation, making it the longest-running hardware store in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Kusel Dairy Equipment has continued to thrive and expand.

Following our core values of honesty, responsibility, service, and quality, Kusel Equipment Co. looks forward to serving our customers, co-workers, and community for many more years.

David Smith

President, Kusel Equipment Co.

Over the years, Kusel Dairy Equipment has evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers. Initially focused on manufacturing high-quality cheese-making equipment, Kusel identified an opportunity to expand its product line by introducing stainless-steel floor drains seamlessly integrated with their existing offerings. This strategic move allowed the company to provide clients with a more comprehensive solution to its dairy and cheese sector. As word of Kusel’s superior products spread, the company’s floor drains gained traction in new markets, including food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories. Today, Kusel is a versatile provider of top-tier equipment, catering to the diverse needs of multiple industries while staying true to its origins in the world of cheese-making equipment.

From its humble beginnings as a tinware business, Kusel Equipment Co. has emerged as North America’s foremost cheese equipment manufacturer and a leader in stainless-steel drain production in the United States. The company is proud to continue its long-standing design and manufacturing heritage in Watertown, Wisconsin.

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