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Introducing the New Drain Product Configurator!

Kusel Equipment, the original sanitary stainless steel drain manufacturer, launched our original Drain Product Configurator in July of 2023 which provided designers and engineers the ability to configure drainage products for their specific projects.  This resource guided designers and engineers with the available options of Kusel products, along with providing information on the impact those options can have on price and lead times.  It created both a part number and the associated spec text making it very easy to specify exactly what you need.  

While we had a great response to this new tool, there is always room for improvement!

Kusel Equipment is pleased to announce the launch of our new Product Configurator.

This new version of the Product Configurator maintains the great features of the original, but has the following new features we are very excited to announce:

  1. Customized Specification Sheets!  These sheets are built dynamically based on the drain that has been designed.  They feature both 2D CAD drawings, along with SolidWorks renderings to illustrate your product as it will look on the site.
  2. The ability to Save Projects & Schedules.  This new optional feature allows you to create an account and save your projects in a form that can be simply downloaded and exported for use in projects.

The Product Configurator can be found under the resources tab of our website,, or you can “Get Started” designing your drains directly from the product pages on the website.