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An Agitator Re-engineered With Production In Mind – Kusel’s 2m4-17n

You’ve been reviewing your options and done your research. You know that a Kusel Open Finishing Table is what you need for the cheese that your facility will be producing. But what’s the right agitator to pair with the table to maximize both a quality product and ensure high levels of production?  What about Kusel’s re-engineered 2M4-17N Agitator? 

The 2M4-17N designed to pair like “hand in glove” with the Kusel Finishing Table.  It’s newly designed agitator carriage delivers stronger performance and is more energy efficient while being constructed according to 3-A standards for superior sanitation.

Continuing Kusel’s long standing commitment to building cheese making equipment that stands up to the demanding applications in today’s cheese plants, the 2M4-17N offers horizontal travel with a stainless-steel chain drive.  It’s all stainless-steel box tube frame with 14-gauge stainless-steel shroud offers long-lasting durability.

While its open design allows for easy maintenance, the 2M4-17N features 2 motors, a 3-HP motor for traversing and a 4-HP motor for stirring.  Both motors are mounted in a carriage that traverses the length of the table.

The 2M4-17N controls are available in 2 configurations to meet the exacting standards of our customers. Full Electric Controls include PLC, VFDs, and everything else needed to run the 2M4-17N Agitator “out of the box”. Minimal Controls offer a customer the ability to integrate the 2M4-17N easily into their current system.

Just like the entire Kusel Equipment Cheese Making Product Line, the 2M4-17N is built to your specifications. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and together we will deliver the product that’s right for what you need.

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