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A welder welding a steel cone

Airline Catering Facility in California

As with most of our customers, performance and sanitation were high on the priority list for this major airline catering facility located in the Golden State. Here’s how we made sure this airline catering facility’s performance and sanitation levels soared:

  • Floors Sinks used in the “kitchen area” to accommodate water flow for equipment in a kitchen (dishwashers, disposals, large compartment wall sinks, hose sprayers).
  • KE Drain/Floors Drains with the NSF Special Duty rating were placed throughout the facility where sanitary drainage was needed, and forklift traffic was prevalent.
  • Cleanouts were placed throughout the facility for access to the drainage system when cleaning was necessary.
  • Stainless Steel P-Traps used for sanitary drainage purposes connected all drains to lines leading outside of the facility.
a collage of drains

Brewery in Iowa

With the help of Kusel and the following products, this brewery in America’s Heartland has cold, delicious beer on tap, without any nasty contamination.