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TH Vats

Known for its ability to produce softer type cheeses like Munster and Mozzarella, the TH Vat provides cheese makers with the ability to heat the curd throughout all areas of the inner pan. These vats were once exclusively used for the production of Cottage Cheese and Farmers Cheese before Kusel’s development the LI Vat

VAT functionality

Our TH Series of cheese vats has uniform heating throughout all areas of the inner pan. They are heated via pumped hot water, which is sprayed against the sidewalls of the pan. This action transfers heat to the pan and milk, as the water cascades downward.

Steam typically heats the water and is injected, through a steam jet, into the water and between the pump and spray tubes. The water is usually several inches deep between the pan and the tub, and it assists in heating the bottom of the pan. The hot water is dispersed through holes drilled in the two spray pipes, which run the entire length of the vat. The water is then picked up again by the pump and circulated back through the steam and spray pipe.


  • Built according to 3-A standards for superior sanitation
  • Ability to switch from heating to cooling quickly with a minimal loss of heat due to the small water capacity design
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel I-beam under the center of the pan liner provides extra strength and durability for years of reliability
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Kusel SR Agitator

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    Service & Delivery When You Need It

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