For over 30 years Kusel Equipment has been the leader in stainless steel floor drains. Over 33,000+ floor drains have been installed in virtually every plant location requiring sanitary drains.

The Kusel standard KE Stainless Steel Floor Drain is also available in a "Side Outlet" version for those unique applications where standard center outlet drains just don't fit. The Side Outlet Stainless Steel Floor Drain is built around our standard KE-100 Floor Drain with a modified bowl and basket assembly.

The KE-100 Side Outlet Stainless Steel Floor Drain is essentially the same sanitary and environmentally friendly design as our square top version. The KE-100 Stainless Steel Floor Drains offer a simple and practical solution for manufacturing, processing, warehousing and storage operations where sanitation, durability and accessibility are critical.

These stainless steel drains are ideally suited for applications in:

Beverage Processing and Production Food Service and Commissaries
Biotech and Pharmaceutical Plants Health Care
Construction and Engineering Hospitality and Travel Institutions
Consumer Goods Distribution Restaurants and Related Food Service
Energy and Utilities Food Processing and Production

The unique Kusel design, manufactured from stainless steel, assures resistance to acid, corrosion and staining, and a product to help protect your plant from hazardous bacteria. Your plant maintenance personnel as well as your quality control personnel will appreciate the benefits of a Kusel Stainless Steel floor drain.

Kusel's KE Series Side Outlet Stainless Steel Floor Drain is built using industrial finish stainless steel with a removable solid or perforated basket and Schedule 40 or Schedule 10 pipe outlet and is available in both T304 and in T316L stainless steel for more corrosive environments. Standard outlet sizes are 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch.

The KE Series Side Outlet Stainless Steel Floor Drain can be designed with a number of custom options to meet your unique needs.



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