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Coleman-Russell & Associates, Inc. expands territory with Kusel Equipment

Coleman-Russell & Associates is now representing Kusel Equipment drains in Mississippi and Louisiana as well as Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.logo_cra

The company has been in operation since 1976, and offers all types of marketing services for its manufacturers and customers. In addition to marketing and sales function for it’s manufactures, Coleman Russell also provides timely market information including market trends and market data to the manufactures for forecasting and planning purposes.

Coleman-Russell operates a 29,000 square foot office and warehouse in Birmingham and a 12,000 square foot facility in Atlanta. Shipping and warehousing are offered for those manufacturers who require immediate shipment to the markets that the company services.

The company employs a total of twenty four people. Among the employees there are ten territory managers, seven customer service representatives, four persons in general office/accounting and three warehouse personnel.

The agency is involved in plumbing, heating, commercial, industrial, well, hardware, and retail markets. Vertical marketing is a trademark of the company, which is involved in all phases of the market. Calls are made on contractors, institutional end users, wholesalers, well drillers, mechanical engineers, architects, and developers.

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